Invisible Tears

July 23, 2009
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I've noticed that when i sit here and cry , nobody sees my tears
I've actually qotten to a point in my life where i realized nobody cares
How much ignoring could a world do to a person who is just tryna be happy ?
I mean , i try to walk around with a smile but how long can that be
I hide my feelings for a reason and its to protect me , myself , and i
i put up walls so i can avoid those hurtful cries
As much as people would like to say they know me ; id very much have to disagree
so much has happend in my 15 years , i dont even think i know me
The world doesnt look at me a person , but as a statistic
But i didnt ask to be here , this wasnt on my wish list .
I kinda got ammune to people just going the other way
But for people like that , i aint got much to say
Its just that now i truly know that nobody but me , will ever care
& that when i cry ; im crying invisible tears .

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