R.I.P. Jeremy Rupe

July 23, 2009
By beautifulchaos SILVER, Valley Springs, California
beautifulchaos SILVER, Valley Springs, California
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Everyone comes
and everyone goes.
But you never forget
the ones you hold close.

We always lose
the ones we love.
They get ripped away
and sent up above.

Was one amazing guy.
He passed away
and no one know's why.

Why was he taken
what did he do?
When they say nothing lasts forever
we now know its true.

Jeremy died of mono
death by a kiss.
now he's in heaven
it's him we all miss.

live your life to its fullest
and follow all of your dreams.
the scariest things happen.
in a slight second it seems.

please rest in peace
you made your time worthwhile.
its gonna be hard
going on without your smile.

you brightened up our world.
now that youre gone we all cry.
your memory lives forever
for now, we say goodbye.

The author's comments:
i wrote this poem for an amazing friend to so many people at our school,his name, Jeremy Rupe. his death, due to mono, devasted us all.he was held in so many of our hearts and we all miss him dearly.many people recognize this poem throughout our school and myspace...its how i became known.

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