July 23, 2009
By Heather Kurdi BRONZE, San Antonio, Texas
Heather Kurdi BRONZE, San Antonio, Texas
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"Life isnt just about finding yourself and trying to realize your real purpose in life.
If that were the case,then we would know why there are so many stars in the sky.
Why the grass is green and why the sky is blue.
Because if we found out everything about ourselves,there would be nothing left to create. Life is all about challenges and hardships, but also finding the brightside of them and making the best of your day.
Life is like a song, and when you finally learn the notes and words, you'll be able to sing along.
You cant associate love with life, because they're two diffrent things.
You have to love your life first before you can find out why love hurts, and why at times it can leave you completley breathless.
You have to face your fears, you have to live for the moment.
You have to be wise and love with all your heart.
Because if you dont, then theres no meaning to a song, no meaning to the stars, no meaning to the wonders of life.
Everything just becomes pointless, untill you start to sing along and know that life is another wonder of the world,
and just like yourself, each day you'll find a new surprise.(: "

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