The Hidding Game

July 24, 2009
By Emily Gregg BRONZE, Greensburg, Pennsylvania
Emily Gregg BRONZE, Greensburg, Pennsylvania
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I sat at my desk immersed in work,
My brain trying to escape from the murk.
So much to do and so little time
Before the bells of mid-night would chime.

I’d stopped but a moment to rest my head
When I heard a strange sound from beyond the bed.
Down, down with my pencil, just once this hour
Less my brain go anymore sour.

So up I stood and around I walk,
Too tired to notice the sound from the clock
And barely I heard it, not more than a hush,
The pit-pat of tiny little feet in a rush.

The closet swung open and much to my surprise
Peering from the hamper was a bright pair of eyes.
“Oh, now I’ve lost it!” I though to myself,
“All this worrying and working is affecting my health.”

Out popped a rumpled head of red-blonde hair,
And following a face, blushed, but fare.
Much like a puppy would jump, so much speed
But with the playful joy of childish glee.

“Shh…” hushed the child with finger to lips,
And pointing with her head, ponytail doing flips
“She’s only counting up to about twenty-five,
But there’s room in this space if you want to hide.”

Hid and go seek! My favorite old game,
Even at my age the idea struck me the same.
I was just about to jump in a play,
That’s when I remembered the stress of the day.

I stared at the child, “Are you out of your mind?
I’m so busy, I’ve no time of any kind!
All the activities and other stressful things,
And all must be finished before the clock rings.”

I turned to the time peace, but it was not there!
Instead on the nightstand was my old toy bear.
My whole room was flooded with all my old toys
And for the first time, no lording ticking noise.

“Where have they been hiding, these old things of mine?
I threw out most of these things when I turned nine!
I simple lost all the time I had to play,
And most of these toys just got packed away.”

“My” sighed the child, “I feel sorry for you,
If what you say about time is completely true.
No child should ever be denied time to play,
But now I must hid, that’s all I can say.”

She disappeared into the darkness once more,
And motioned for me to close the closet door.
And right then my dream came to a stop.
I was summoned to my day by that bossy old clock.

Suddenly I remembered and ran to the door.
But hiding in the closet the child was no more.
I was stuck once again with a game of hid ‘n go seek.
For the time I once had, but wouldn’t see all week.

It’s part of growing older and traveling life’s path,
But never must I give up the things that make me laugh.
My childhood-self did not visit me more,
But the wisdom she left I’ll remember for sure.

Never is a child too old to play.
It’s an important part of every person’s day
Ever so often, I seek what I had then,
A for a moment enjoy being a child again.

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