These Eyes

July 21, 2009
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Behind these eyes,

There is a world unseen,

For in this world is pain and sorrow,

For yet they wish for a better tomorrow,

I have seen an foreseen many events with them,

Yet these events are cold an dark,

Dark as death itself,

An as cold as ice itself,

But yet these eyes are destined,

To see the world in pain,

But for so bad they wish for warmth and love,

Still as the years pass,

Little flames light in these eyes,

As the little flames flicker,

They feel warmth and love,

As they see the passion in others,

But as swiftly as that the flames come,

Is how swiftly as the flames freeze and die,

From the coldness of these eyes,

An as death lashes out at them reminding them,

That for all eternity they shall endure,

Pain and sorrow,

An also endure,

The cold and dark,

But one day they shall feel the warmth and love,

But yet they will always be my eyes….

.. ..

.. ..

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