All I Wanted to Know This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine.

I walk into a crowded room,
not knowing what to expect.
I don'tknow what she'll be like,
yet I know which one she is;
we look somuch alike.

I walk over to her,
she looks up nervously
fromher magazine,
she looks at me
and starts to cry,
I don't knowwhat to do
so I cry too.

I know my time is short,
so I say,all teary-eyed,
"Thank you for all you did."
She just nodsher head,
"I want to be just like you;
so wise to know
just what to do."

She softly blows her nose,
then looks upat me and says,
"I was not that wise, you know,
for youwouldn't be here
if I was."

I nod inunderstanding,
"But you knew just what to do,
look at menow."

"Yes, but that was not me
who made thatdecision;
God helped me pick your future."
She hesitates, thengoes on,
"Don't worry,
you will become wiser
the wisest of all people,
have made the mostmistakes."

We talk some more,
about unimportant stuff.
Ilook at my watch,
and see my time
is almost up.

I look ather,
she looks at me;
I'm looking in a mirror
twenty years fromnow.

I get up to leave,
for my time has run out,
she grabsmy arm gently,
And says, "You're wiser;
you didn't have to dowhat
I did to get there, either."
I look at her,
allteary-eyed and nod.
"And I know you wanted to know,
Iwouldn't ever want to change the past;
mistakes were made,
buteverything turned out okay."

I smile,
She smiles.
Then Iturn away,
to go out into the world,
knowing for once,
all I

This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. This piece has been published in Teen Ink’s monthly print magazine.

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