A Block MAG

By Unknown, Unknown, Unknown

Typing along merrily
My thoughts transforming into words,
Fromwords to sentences
From sentences to paragraphs.
But wait-
From out of the blue,
Thump! Stop!
My train of thoughtcrashing head on
With a block - a writer's block!
I've seen thesebefore.
Miles in diameter,
It can take several days
To travelaround one.
And even if I could manage
To make it around themassive block,
I surely will have lost the trail I wasfollowing
Once on the other side.
This vicious opponent,
Tryingto steal from me my work,
Trying to steal from me my soul,
Isimpossible to fight:
The harder you struggle,
The worse yoursituation gets.
I know how to defeat it:
Simply wait for it toleave,
And it will go.
But, alas, I have not time towait.
Disoriented, without a path to follow,
I sigh and giveup,
Leaving behind me only thoughts uncompleted
And dreamsunfulfilled.

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