World Without You

March 24, 2009
By Anonymous

Alone here i sit at my on the edge of my bed
I've cried for far too long
I've cried like a newborn baby
I've wept like a helpless animal
I'm such a mess
My head pounds and my heart is uncontrollable
All i can think of is you
Oh god please help me!
Every time i see your smile in your head
It starts all over
Every time i hear you laugh
I become weary
Every time i hear you say my name
I become closer to my knife
Oh God!
I wish too cry, i wish to weep
But I've already cried my eyes out
The tears from my eyes soaked my face
The filled my carpet
Ah! Help me please
This pain is Impossible to tame
Its impossible to Bear
Its impossible to live with
I cant begin to explain how i felt about her
Oh God, she was my life
I held her in my hands as she died
I held her in my hands when she came into this world
The way she looked at me before she...Left!
The way she cried for me
The way she looked at me and said
Is it going to be alright
Oh! And the last words i said were lies
Yes my dear, its all going to be alright
Freight no more my love, for its all going to be alright
She smiled at me and then closed her eyes
Oh god! I cant remember the color of her eyes
The sound of her voice
The magical sound of her laughter
Where has she gone!
Ease now my friend
Oh, that's good...that great
The cold silver of the blade eases my cries
It softens my breath
It soothes my pain
My love, here i come now
Oh, i can see you already
Ah! It hurts, Look at all that blood
Ha, it cant be worse than in a world without you
A World Without You

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