You Know Who It Is

March 24, 2009
By Travis Hegarty BRONZE, Platteville, Colorado
Travis Hegarty BRONZE, Platteville, Colorado
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When I walk in a room everyone's like how can it be/
Cause they'll be listening to my songs on ipod and mp3/
But I'm not David Banner don't try to get like me/
It's ok, I'll let you dream that your life was like mine/
Going up on stage and getting famous, starting to shine/
Getting rich, kickin back, sippin on that white wine/
But I still got to take some time to keep these kids in line/
Who think there better than me, at this game we call life/
But if they step up to me I Never Back Down/
You can call me the king but I don't wear no crown/
And you know who it is/
I'm kind of like Ludacris I got that Word Of Mouth/
You know I'm from the Midwest not from the south/
And I ain't Mike Jones so get my name out your mouth

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