March 24, 2009
By Anonymous

They’re dead, but they’re together
Now they stand forever
Side by side, they must wait
The time will come, they must enter
Walk amongst them, open your eyes
See the fright, it’s their demise
To feel again, they must wonder
How it is, they have plundered
Since they have, there’s no return
Here they sit, watch them burn
It’s just too bad, they hadn’t learned
Now they’re concerned, about what it is they have earned
Waiting turn, to learn what’s gone
They must yearn, to just see dawn

The author's comments:
A couple of weeks ago i had a dream. See my uncle died a long time ago (true), then 15 years after his killers killed my aunt. everyone thought she commited suicide...! that is what i was going to write about, i was going to write a story. but i was stuck. later when i came back to it, i saw a poem. it was aboutwhat happened after they died, what might happen to those who don't make awsome decisions in their lifetime....

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