is love in the stars

March 22, 2009
By tallyblink182 BRONZE, Long Beach, New York
tallyblink182 BRONZE, Long Beach, New York
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Lights dimmed
Heat kills the small car
Like a breath of warm air
On a patch of ice
Breathing heavy
Sweat dances
Love shakes like
California in hurricane season
Lights brighten
Air conditioner on
Clothing lays still
On the car floor
Where it was last
A look up to the stars
As they sparkle in the distance
Its almost as if he loves me
To fall into his arms
For him not to be there
To hit the tile
To break my heart
I try to show him the constellations
But he rolls over
They say that love is different
For boys and girls
Boys are in it for one thing
And girls for something else
Each will do anything to receive it
I don’t know where I fall
I am incapable of receiving affections
To me love is like global warming
Everything is fine
Until I mess it up

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