So Much

March 22, 2009
By Anonymous

I take my pen and papaer out
write down what im thinking about
Days when I se epeople sad
thats when I take out my notepad
its so much going on, on Earth
then days i see so many teenage females about to give birth
In the locker room i hear some girls say thing like"Do you wan to smoke afterschool
When really all smokers are fools
Then days I see people getting pushed around
Not just in Los angeles and other cities it happens even on my schoolgrounds
I rememver a day I looked down I saw scars on a girl risk
Her whole risk looked like a scratched up cd disk
Then I see my firend crying becasue her friend got soht
Then my other friend whispers in my ear"that shes been getting molested I ask how long she says so long she forgot
Their is so much that goes on molestation, rape,loses,gangs, and so much profanity
Its like this whole world is full of insanity

The author's comments:
What inspired me to wirte this is the people around me who hide secrets because they feel like they have no one to trust but theirsleves those who may hide what they go through in life may not show that it is a secret they may show as if its reality. Which pretty much turns out to be.Thats what inspired me and I tihnk this poem may not make a difference n ones lif ebut in ones heart

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