St. Andy's MAG

By Unknown, Unknown, Unknown

Just slipping shortof good ole Joe's grandeur
Lies a dusty old hall
Aging, dark,filthy to a degree
It reeks of various odors
Ashes of deadcigarettes
of its unkempt lavatory
and of the sweaty bodies of afew hundred people
blistered together in the unaltered heat
thisis a pit
this is a palace
this is paradise
25 miles ago wehopped into a van
turned up the radio in anticipation and sangalong
the ride was short
cause we were going home
soon we enter... and "home" comes to life
our large family packedtightly around us
we jump, we sing, we dance
we pummel each otherout of love
we're brothers
we're sisters
we're black
we bathe together in the shrieking noise
until we arecleanest clean
25 miles back is a year away
but too close
let'snot go back
here we're not alone ...
this is our home

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