August 1, 2009
By Tori Silverman SILVER, Weaverville, North Carolina
Tori Silverman SILVER, Weaverville, North Carolina
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"Why do you want to act?"
Reads the application
What a silly question.
"When I'm on stage
It's the only time I'm myself
When I'm on stage
I feel free."

I think on

I feel free.
Free of my ever-present mask.
A mask I can only remove,
When I find another one to put on.

"Life is a masquerade
We're all just guests.
Actors are the jesters.
Playing a fool,
Making the jokes,
But free of a mask."


Actors are the only ones
Free of their mask.

The author's comments:
Whilst filling out an application, I stumbled upon the question stated in my poem. When I first came to this question, I figured it would be simple enough to answer, but I forgot that as luck would have it, nothing for me is ever as simple as I hoped. My answer turned into a poem, cliché as it might sound, and still I cannot find any other way to better state why I want to perform. So as corny as it may be, my poem is my answer in its most expressive form. If you loved it, hated it, thought it was alright, leave me a comment, lemme know what you think.

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