Good vs. Evil

August 1, 2009
By Anonymous

As I’m sprawled out on my pillow and weeping
God to make me a better girl! I am begging and wishing
I think of all the insults and retorts I have cast
Of all the distant and close terrible memories that have past
I look out the open window and see the trees sway
And wonder if their beauty is here to stay
They care for our earth and replenish our lungs
But their greed takes the sun from most of their own young
The confusing thought starts to clear my head
Thinking of comforting memories as they take away the dread
The tears dry on my face
And my breathing returns to its usual pace
I think of my memories of comforting my friends
I think of always tying up the loose ends
I think of me holding my sister as she cries
And then it hits me like a sudden tear-full goodbye
The world isn’t black or white, stormy or cloudless, disgusting or clean
There are cracks and pieces missing in between
The trees and I are neither good nor evil
We all have our weaknesses and our strengths that cannot be taught
Simply ourselves whether we like it or not
In short, our temper or jokes may be cut back
But we must keep our instincts clear and our good creeds always intact

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