Come Join Hands

August 1, 2009
By Vashali Jain BRONZE, Oakhill, Virginia
Vashali Jain BRONZE, Oakhill, Virginia
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Come join hands
Let us not cower
Let us not fall
Our fear is building
But we can't let it through
Or they will know
We are scared

Come join hands
We shall do as they say
Scrub the floors
Live in the basement
Abandon our homes
Give up our rights
But we shall stand strong

Come join hands
They spit on us
Call us names
Kick us into camps
Where our work is dragging
Dragging our own kind
Dead across the ground
Into piles and piles
Of obsolete faces
Once filled with an array of
One thing we never get anymore

Deprived of food
We steal, from our kind
We are ashamed
But can't help it
We are animals

Yes, that is what they call us
Animals, but they are right
We have seen so much
Done so much
That we are no longer humans
Never before would we push
A friend to death
Or steal from a child
Or have an old woman
Take punishment that was meant
To be ours
But we do, for life

A life that doesn't
Seem worth living
But we fight anyway
Yet we ask for one thing
Your hand
As barbaric as we seem
The only thing that can save us is
If we know there is a future
Out there somewhere
When people will be willing to forget the past
When we can start over
We will be better people
Believe me
Come join hands

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