Out Spot

March 16, 2009
Your heart is distant, I see.
You hold me loosely.
Your lips say 'I love you,'
But your eyes say 'I'm sorry.'
You've changed ' even your
Complexion cannot hide it.
You wear too much cologne,
Your tie stays undone,
And you work until 4 a.m.
You ignore me.
The dinner's silence leaves
The air thick with a
Tense, haunting awkwardness.
And when we make love...
You grunt violently,
Eyes are closed the whole time,
And you push me away afterwards.
But I cannot judge you.
You tell me 'One may try
to lie motionless in bed all night
long, but eventually, even I will
turn over on my other side.'
You're gone when I wake up in the
Morning, and still out when I go to bed
At night.
And, because I love you, I take this
punishment quietly ' until tonight...
I am lying awake in bed
When you get home at 4:30.
You don't come to the bedroom.
You stay downstairs and run
The kitchen faucet while you yell
'Out, spot!'
But we both know you
Cannot get rid of the scarlet
Drop on your chest.
'I am twice the murderer, yet...'
'...I have three times this spot!'

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