slap my hands

March 15, 2009
By Anonymous

None understands They just slap my hands And mock me for my favorite bands I write al my poems in my
blood Sinking myself in a crimson fold I sit alone in my room Dying of gloom They say emo is a
stupid trend I wish it would just end But they haven't spent time in my shoes Cause they don't
know what its like to lose They think emo is something we choose Well I will give them the news Emo
is forced from all the strife In our life And then maybe displayed with a knife my problems are real
they dont know how i fell still they judge us with disgust and mistrust were just misunderstood
treated like firewoodburn your rude jugdement and stop the tourment heavy is my pain my tears are
like rain pouring down the drain they think im insane but they dont no me or anything i see im
tarped within a bloody tea holding my blade like a key opening me for the world to see life is wat
i flee cause in death i will finaly be free

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