back to a time

March 15, 2009
By Anonymous

The pain is pouring out,
from my body and soul.
You can see were i have takin it out on myself.
The scars all tell a story,
of when
of why...

THe scars show the pain that others have caused me.
The pain that others have forced me to live through.
The scars go back to a time...

Back to a time were the tears ran free,
were the blood would flow out of mt body,
onto the floor.
Where the only thing on my mind was the pain,
the pain i wanted a cut to resolve.

A timw were relief was felt,
felt only after the blood left me.
When my friends were pushed away,
when i ignored everything
a time when i only wanted to... die.

The scars go back,
back to a time...

a time were i would see how deep i could go,
comparinhg my scars.
A time were blood would satisfy all the pain,
put on hold.
A time were i would sleep with blades in hand
ready, and waiting, for that moment a panic attack came.

The scars go back
back to a time...

A time were i would only wear long sleaves,
were my wrists were allways bandaged.
A time were it would hurt to move,
the slightest inch.
A time were i couldnt stop
the need to use a balde,
to slove what life,
to fix what myself.

The scars go back,
back to a time.

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