it dosn't stop until the end

March 15, 2009
By Anonymous

a habit
an addiction
a curse

its wat ruins your life
but dosnt lets you know
it quietly kills everything youve
dreamed of
everything youve created

everything is ripped away
and crushed

you can see it happening
yet you didnt expect it
everthing is fine until
reality come one day

one day out of all the others

reality comes and hits you
harder than anything before

and its the day you realize
that you have hurt
yourself others friends family

youve destroyed your life
all you want to do is
make it go away
make it disapper
but in order to do that
you decide to turn
to what caused it all

except now you
cant fell it anymore
you dont pay attention
you dont relize what youre doing
until you pull it away
and see the damage youve done

you dont know why
you keep on doing this
you cant fell it anymore
it ruined your life
but i guess thats the secret of addiction

no matter what you do
nothing is satifying

but it gets harder to hide
it gets deeper
it takes over and becomes
the only thing you worry about

and even though its the destroyer
you keep on giving it what it wants
you keep feeding the addiction
'you keep going
until you run out of skin
moving to new areas
everything falls around you
theres no place to hisde anymore
and then..........

its all over
it ends
you see the side
that only living dream of

is it amazing
is it what we all fear

thats th eonly thing to come of it
no longer having to wonder anymore

was it worth it

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