Knowledge is a burden

March 15, 2009
By rose C. BRONZE, Santa Clarita, California
rose C. BRONZE, Santa Clarita, California
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I don't think i know everything
I know the importance of school
I understand my parents rules
I know event he truest love will fall apart
If your not ready for it
I know all this.

I know the value of my virginity
I know the result of drug use
I know that life isn't fair
I know the harder you work now
the easier life is later
I know all this.

I know everyone must make their own mistakes;
I know everyone must have their
stupid moments
To experience life fully
I know all this!

So why can't i ever go against my
better judgment?
To experience life
Why can't I give into peer pressure
just once?
Why can't i ever argue with my parents?
Just for the sake of arguing
Why can't i pretend to love him back
even though i know its foolish
Why can't I think i know everything
just for a while.
Why can't I ever act stupid?
How will i ever learn from my mistakes,
If I'm always trying not to make yours.

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