No Hope

March 13, 2009
By Dahlia Black BRONZE, Abudhabi, Other
Dahlia Black BRONZE, Abudhabi, Other
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She was confused and disarrayed,
her room a mess and her bed unmade,
she couldn't think, just blinded by the lies,
and deafened by her heart as it beats its last cries.
She could no longer trust anyone anymore,
she felt that life closed all its windows and its doors.
when all aorund her there was no more light,
just pure darkness, darker than the night,
she could not sense anything, not warmth nor hope,
just the feeling of being strangled by a thick black rope...

The author's comments:
Mainly, this poem comes from personal experience (not the strangling part though). it talks about this girl, who has lost trust, hope and love. And she ends her pain and misery by strangling herself with a black rope.

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