Where I'm From

March 12, 2009
By Jaimie Ciancarelli BRONZE, Greenville, South Carolina
Jaimie Ciancarelli BRONZE, Greenville, South Carolina
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I am from riding tricycles
And playing in the yard.
I am from clotheslines
And washing in the tub.

I am from wooden floors and tiles
(I can still feel the splinters in my feet!)
I am from killing innocent opossums and raccoons.
To bunnies and strays roaming the yard.

I am from Barbies and cassette players.
I am from 'God Bless The USA' and 'Oops'I Did It Again'.
From jump ropes and jacks,
To Checkers and Monopoly.

I am from Bobbi and James' branch.
Now taken under David's wings.
From multiple cousins scattered throughout.
I am from a time of endless friends.

I am from T.I. and Plies.
From 'Every Chance I Get' and 'Put It On Ya'.
I am from the 'hood with homeboys and homegirls.
From 'real talk' and 'stop hating'.

I am from seeing young adolescents and children lying
In their coffins at rest.
I am from a world of revenge and vengeance.
From a world of hatred and chaos.

In my closet, lies a box, full of memories,
Letters and gifts from old boyfriends.
Full of unneeded stuff, junk that's never used.
Just worthless stuff to me now.

This is where I'm from!

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