July 8, 2009
By Anonymous

Neon red lights
Maybe those of a Motel 6 illuminate the room
Illuminating your body, your mind, your whole being
Staring into the mirror you see yourself, or who you pretend to be
For the lights, the red, bouncing, voltage lights
They make you see who you are not
You are not a perfect girl, you are not beautiful
The lights they pick at your every flaw
Too fat
Too ugly
Too short
Too pale
The lights, they expose you
They peel away the mask from your face
And they show your secrets, they show your lies, they show who you are
They show what you have become
a prostitute
Trapped in the fist of a greedy, violent man

Taking your clothes off for a pig to admire your breasts,
Your stomach, the
Private place between your thighs, your legs recently shaven so he can run his callused fingertips over smooth skin
You’ve become a slave,
A toy
That he plays with like a kitten would play with a ball of string
You’ve become his personal pet to treat and mistreat
You’ve become an
And you still continue to hide yourself
You still continue to put on a charade
However, everyone knows
They know the sham you play yet they brainwash themselves to think you are still an angel
Unexposed to the world
They know you are property
They know that you are owned
Standing in those buzzing, neon lights
Staring at her reflection
Staring and hoping

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