Lost without you

March 11, 2009
By Czar.Twon BRONZE, Gainesville, Florida
Czar.Twon BRONZE, Gainesville, Florida
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Love with no hate
Knew her back in the day
First time we kissed
It was heaven in a way

Heaven up above
Angel down below
With me
Me and her
In a apple tree

Beautiful feeling
So strong
You could see

My first love
You can say
She stuck with me

Think about her
Even when
I go to sleep

When I wake up
Still thinking constantly
'About her'

I told her one day
Will you marry me?
She blew me off
Like a robber trying to leave the seen
Tried to beat the red light

I never even seen
It coming
Seen her running
Hop, skip and a dash
Then my heart just plummets

I realized
Im lost without you
And I must be a fool
If I ever thought a beautiful girl like you
Would want to date a dude like me

What you called me

Im lost without you
Your lost without me
I hope you can't get me out your head
Like a dream

It seems
That me and you are done
You're in my past chapter
The future just begun

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