Alcohol Abuse

March 10, 2009
By Tiffany Jackson BRONZE, Siler City, North Carolina
Tiffany Jackson BRONZE, Siler City, North Carolina
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Alone, Betrayed,
Hurt, And abused
But why do you
Turn to alcohol abuse?

Osteperosis, Heart Failure,
And infertility too
You have to know that
You arent only hurting you.

Drunk driving
It's killing teens everyday
You dont know if you'll wake up
When down you lay.

Your parents crying
As they find you dead
You thinking it's okay
To take one more drink to the head

If I take one more drink
Ima end up F'ing you
Did you know that teens that drink
Are less likely to use protection too?

STDs, Alcohol poisoning,
And death is far from mind
But you think its cool
That friends you will find.

Comfort and support
Because your tipsy now
But when your sober
Where are you gonna get that and how?

Examine the contents
See what your body is taking in
Because sooner or later
Your body will no longer be able to defend

Do what you can
To stop the use
Because to many kids
Are getting into alcohol abuse.

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