Revolutionary Worms MAG

By Unknown, Unknown, Unknown

It is the mango *
tangerine *
grape * guava * nectarine * dream ofnaivete *
masquerading the Ginseng *
like banana strawberry *
From aunautural *
party hardy *
We pump pop *
pump pop *
pump pop *
asthe tempo drops *
nonstop *
Orange Raspberry Cherry *
lemon lime, honeydew *
An edible ballad *
mixed up in that Fruit Salad *

Do you likeOranges or Apples *
Apples of Oranges?
Maybe both *
or neither one *
I'm into kiwi pear *
blueberry *
pineapple peach *
(kind ofgirl)
because they know how to swing to the beat.
Stemmed from feet * thatkick *
swift *
a collaborative collection of sound *
now growing armsand faces *
racing *
to make it to the bowl.
She cries deadly*
spiking vegetable punch *
called purple pessimism *
because he doesn'tlike berries *
or citrus *
she's a claiming tomato ain't a fruit *
sourmistress *
She wants to kills this *
secretly *
her pod person facade*
resurrecting from the rebirth of sugar and spice *
and predictable dice*
that roll to the pulse of fingers and clench phones
to theskull
squeezing Britney *
in sync to the boys in the back of the bathroom*
so no one will know *
that she's a closet poppy *
seed growing *
inheat of the flavor *
Snap *
Crackle *
Pop *
Music *
flushing the cliche *
sell-out click talk *
cake walk *
It is the Mango *
tangerine dream * of naivete *
masquerading me*
like mother to baby.
And still *
they swear they don't * like * citrus*
and yet they *
have a grapefruit tree in the back yard *
and sucklemons through peppermint sticks at fairs *
with elementary siblings *
thatdon't judge *
Once in a while ginger spice
slips in the peels thatno one ever eats *
and the new sensation *
comes with free boosters*
buzzing around the pollen
of traditional
and rebellion *
So even ifthe lyrics suck *
listen to it *
eat * every * last seed *
just because*
you know *
he *
can't stand berries.

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