Lonely Journey

July 3, 2009
By Sayontan BRONZE, Kolkata, Other
Sayontan BRONZE, Kolkata, Other
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The child who learnt to walk,holding my hand
The child whom i taught to sit and stand.
The same child now has started neglecting me,
The same child now has left me.
He says"He longer needs me"
He asks me to leave him free.
I wonder how things have so terribly changed,
In such a long life is this what I've gained.
I still remember each and every Sunday morning game,
Believe me, my love for him still remains the same.
But he hates me and I don't know "why"
Those ruthless taunts make me cry.
Where has those love and feelings gone?
Making way for hatred that has left me torn.
Certainly death is better than such a life,
But there's a hope which keeps me alive....

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