teenaged cynics MAG

By Unknown, Unknown, Unknown

they eyeeach other through narrowed lids,
button their tight black coats as a barrieragainst malignant stares
masked only by frosty purple eye shadow.
theirdark roots are just beginning to emerge, an upstaging of theircurrent
bleached-blond hue -
a failed attempt to hide their blackersides.
they speak carelessly of older boyfriends,
of nervous pregnancytests
(they're home free - at least for now)
and hope for a ring beforethey graduate to save themselves from the lives
they know they are headingtoward.
they affectionately refer to each other with depreciative names-
jokingly, of course
(or is it?)
their cynicism shines eternallythrough their gap-toothed smiles and
boisterous laughter
and i wonder howlong they will be able to endure being trapped in their world
ofnonchalant misery and skepticism
before theyshatter

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