The Unforgiving Room

June 30, 2009
By corbin SILVER, Sneads Ferry, North Carolina
corbin SILVER, Sneads Ferry, North Carolina
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i was trapped, in a room that was slowly closing in.
on my knees i stayed, head in hands.
no no no no.
tears fell to the gray floor.
a sole window peered at me from across the room.
and i knew that was my only chance.
i crossed the room with such agility that i even amazed myself.
adrenaline pumped through my veins, i could feel my heart going faster faster faster.
the walls were sliding towards me, they were committed to killing me.
frantically i pushed the window up. it moved up, then stopped.
it was taunting me, just as the slow moving walls were.
now even harder i tried to open the window.
no no no no.
it wouldnt go, it wouldnt move.
it had given me hope, then had pulled me back down.
giving it all i had i tried to thrust it open one last time.
then i fell to the ground just as the walls met.

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