eboshi MAG

By Unknown, Unknown, Unknown

[for bjf, as always]

well, bethany j ihear
you've lost your red balloon
i heard shotgun prayers
left youholding a handful of -
pitter-patter children's laugher
beating a rubberheart
through the snow.
well, i heard the wizard's
gone now
winterwhite and ohso tired
consciousness was always
a grand affair
but ithink
you feel -
her whispers and her touch
the fairy queen
yeah, she knows how to powderevery
footprint in guilt.
i heard you were never quite
dust and stonesand cradle hands
i know every day we push back the dirt
we're bricking ourbones in
this great wall
red makes our blood
sequins in her tea, asparkle in her
words -
i see fog in the ghosts of japantown
but i sawaunt jackie
in a rocking chair
and ran.
show me she lied
g'lindaperched on the bed, to you and i
show me the silver and
show me thescissors
because i can feel the recoil in your mantra
it's bronzeshoes
and it's in heart-shaped music boxes
cowardand careful
construction -
12:29 must be the ruin times
and i see nowhow
fairy tales can leave you
holding a handful of red ribbon ...
shemade a green bird of an angel, really.
if you choose left
and ichoose right
we'll have the heels to make our own
maybe dorothy waswrong
there's no place like home
there's no place like home
and houses
fall like snow.

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