August 1, 2009

Theres this book.
Called a BIBLE.
It means alot to me.
It was given to us by GOD.
Whos love goes beyond degree.
It tells of storries of LIFE and of DEATH.
It even predicts of a time when the world will take its last breathe.
The BIBLE tells me how to act to please this GOD above.
It also tells of how he saved me with his amazing love.
Through him I secure life after death
An amazing feet to me.
I'll go to Heaven when I die and

The author's comments:
I am a very dedicated Christian. I try to praise GOD in everything I do. And through poetry its just one more way i can praise him.

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on Aug. 10 2009 at 10:07 am
caydence2013 BRONZE, Palestine, Texas
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(theredlettera:) Thanks for the postivie response and sorry that I corrected you twice. I feel like a jerk. Didn't mean to. Comment kept getting deleted and I re-typed it about a million times. (hahahaha)

Seriously though, keep it up. I'll try to search for your other work until it gets posted.

on Aug. 8 2009 at 11:35 pm
superduper-emo-pancakes SILVER, Hawley, Texas
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Yeah even I have to admit that. It just came to me so I wrote it. I wrote two more poems that are still being edited. One is called A MAN the other is called AT THE CROSS. thanks for the spelling check lets just say I'm not exactly the greatest when it come to spelling.

on Aug. 6 2009 at 8:58 am
I'm glad you choose to show your strong faith in your work, but this seemed a little juvenille and uncreative to me.

Also, feat. Not FEET.

Christian music (lyrics) and poetry tend to be shallow and unimpressive. Same old recycled words that you could read in a Hallmark Valentine's Day card.

I think you should keep it up, just go outside the box a little more next time.

Also, FEAT. Not FEET.

Keep it up.

on Aug. 6 2009 at 4:20 am
ladytrojan GOLD, Millington, Tennessee
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on Aug. 5 2009 at 10:31 am
Electricity PLATINUM, Bradenton, Florida
30 articles 0 photos 273 comments
Keep up your faith, it's great! ^_^

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