Recently I've written you

July 31, 2009
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Recently I’ve written you
Telling you how and what I feel
And that I want to get serious with you
But we will see what happens
This could be a new beginning for the two of us
Or the ending of something I thought could work and be
I’m feeling you simply put
What I like about you
Well that’s an easy question
Your personality
Your realness
Your aggression
But I don’t want to be dumb
And fall for you
And you not do the same
At least within a certain time frame
I want to be you’re main
Not your side line or in-between
Yeah I am your girlfriend
But I feel like a friend
That you can just play with it and have fun
And not take seriously
In all actuality I’m not going to be here for long
Because if your not going to get serious with me
Then why stay
I will go and be on my way
I don’t have time to wait on a guy who isn’t into me
And just wants to play games
Another thing
I find it funny how we both want to date
Knowing we have someone else in mind
Crazy enough I want to focus on you though and no one else
I’m willing to let go
Are you?
Maybe suicide to let and give you my heart
But I’m trying to listen to my heart instead of my head this time
I’m trying a different approach to my whole love life
Maybe I will be satisfied with the results
Or maybe not
But I can’t say I didn’t try

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MariaMarie This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. said...
Aug. 8, 2009 at 1:00 pm
lol, This is awesome. The message to the guy and it's serious. Then at the end you tell your feelings on why you're doing it with the little humored last line- but yet, it still fits in perfectly. Awesome! As for my writing; No, i don't get a lot of the lines from my own love life. Like I said, i think dating is a waste of time for me, so i've only had two bf's. One lasted a day, the other two weeks. Although the poems about the ones i can't have are all mine :) 'Neither O... (more »)
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