finding a path

July 31, 2009
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Normally i look to others,
think it will happen the same
I thought it was right
but to my life it would mame.

My own path is what i need
but finding it is hard
Like a singer finding words
just like tuneless bard.

But the path is hidden to me
In the forest of indecision it hides
where the old lake stood, my path
washed away by ancient tides

now with uncertainty in mind
and machete in hand
a perfect path i carve
its what i demand

how foolish was i?
right when i started
hills sprung up
out of nowhere vines darted

my path only just started
with nothing to show for it
still hiding what i am
now here i think, here i sit

To find my path i must find myself
but right now no path is made
i am nothing; worthless
i feel like i should just fade


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