A Bedtime Treasure MAG

By Unknown, Unknown, Unknown

An unnoticedaccumulation of dead tree slices that lie among numerous other compilations inan
antique, redwood bookshelf
Chimerical imagination of a grown childcaptured in the crisp, fossil-like golden pages
Protecting the child'sfantasy, a formerly deep crimson red cover, is now a creamed-coffeebeige,
lovingly torn around the edges
Tiny hands grasped the nighttimestory
Eager child with intense eyes rested gently as the soothing voicesdanced through the air into a
mystical universe
Unsealed, her young,capricious mind exposed a honey-eating bear, a saturnine donkey, a
bashfulbaby pig and an energetic tiger-like character
Created a world of whimsicaldreams as the captivated youth meandered into a deep sleep

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