July 31, 2009
By Marlon Wade SILVER, Dolton, Illinois
Marlon Wade SILVER, Dolton, Illinois
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After the dust settles and the clouds roll away a scene of total destruction is left. But lo and behold up from the rubble pops a tiny glimpse of green, life, a new beginning. This world is not dead and its future is now guaranteed with the emergence of this tiny ray of hope. Sure the ground is still battle scarred by the blows and attacks of the giants roaming this strange and mysterious place. But construction is underway. The highways and bridges will now reach to a world not inhabited by these monsters. For every death there is a life. This process has happened inside of the artist of these carefully woven tapestries you call Spoken Word. With the death of my juvenile comprehension and adaptation to life and its schemes, comes the life and birth of a soldier, defended well against the flaming arrows targeted against him. No longer is his world to be fought for and taken over. No damsel in distress must be saved. No....his purpose is to protect the beautified kingdom he has before him. His days will be spent planting more seeds and allowing them to spread. Sure he will never forget of the realm in which he had to plunder and fight his way through the snares and traps, unknowingly set up by himself, but now he must live on his struggle. A struggle that consequently leaves him destitute. But he's content with his current state of emotional destitution, for wealth can't buy happiness. Especially if the riches were counterfeit to begin with. The treasure that has been bestowed upon him now is one of eternity, a guide to his destination and fulfillment of the plan God Himself set out from the creation of the Earth. You know....the Earth, the little planet that he was forcefully placed in and that can't understand the debacle that is his life. Well now no puzzle, labyrinth, illusion, or conundrum can interfere with the mentality of this tortured soul. Is the great dictator, from which his inner demons, now set free, were received, now absent from this newly revived world? Will the inner core, the heart, mind, and soul and my own existence be restored? Will the Trix rabbit ever get his Trix? How many licks DOES it take to get to the tootsie roll center of a tootsie pop? lol.....The fact that jokes can now be made proves the fact that restoration has begun and past expectations and experiences can no longer stride parallel to my present agenda. Don't be confused, the deepness that plagued the mind of the author is still ever present, dwelling within him from the beginning of time. But wait......a secret door?....hidden rooms? this maze has many more hidden secrets and testaments of life.....deeper into the rabbit hole we go.....

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