Fading Love

July 31, 2009
By Marlon Wade SILVER, Dolton, Illinois
Marlon Wade SILVER, Dolton, Illinois
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I can only compare it to a star....For what seems like an eternity it burns brightly. Shining with the intensity of a million Suns. It sheds its light on all those within it's presence, and provides refreshing warmth to everyone under its gaze. Burning, alive, fiery, intense. But this mighty giant is not as indestructible as it seemed. As vibrant as this heavenly body is....it starts to fade. Over time, it's light dims, it's heat turns cold and its importance to the world is no longer seen. Nothing can change it...the process already begun...........the star dies........though not wit the exploding power of a supernova, but the calm creation of a white dwarf.....it shrinks down to a fraction of it's size and exists quietly, undetected to all.......so has become my love for you.....it used to overtake me and keep me guessing as to where I would be if I didn't know u....my heart was engulfed, submerged in the glow of your smile. Every time your eyes met mine felt as if it were a first kiss.....it lasts for what seems like eternity, but now a brief glance is all I get, the forever has turned into almost never and that raging inferno has been turned into a flicker of a candle flame......they say absence makes the heart grow fonder, but sadly the opposite has become true, the distance has become evident in every aspect of us.....the star is dead.......hopefully the fire may be rekindled and the coals may be stirred....bcuz the warmth is greatly needed and the light necessary to illuminate this dark world I call.......Wade

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