Helen Keller Syndrome

July 31, 2009
By Marlon Wade SILVER, Dolton, Illinois
Marlon Wade SILVER, Dolton, Illinois
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The acoustics of my life must be off balance because it seems that no one is able to hear the cries that come from within.The deafening roar of the torrent raging within me is lost to the world and goes on raging, damaging the shores of my sanity. The volume grows louder and louder but sadly falls on deaf ears as insanity grows ever closer. The ambiance that surrounds me must be too bright because it seems as if no one can see the pain and suffering that has been so evident in the eyes of this helpless young man. I put up the veil and appear satiate to the world, but the hunger is there, ever present, bearing down upon me. Can you see me? Have you noticed the small clues and hints? Why has no one come to my rescue and saved me from this world of stress and disapproval? Someone bring me to life, wake me up inside, save me from this nothing I've become. It's overtaken me and I can't fight it alone anymore. If help does not arrive expeditiously my battle will be lost. The world must be getting colder and frostbite must be setting in because it seems as if no one can feel where I'm coming from. People are suffering from paralysis of the heart because it no longer functions and can not reach out to me. But I can't expect anything short of that because I can longer feel the pain myself. I've been numb to it's effects. They still hit me full force, but by the time I can react and attempt to save myself from the routine agony, it's too late; I move an inch closer to death. The world must be jinxed because no one is talking and giving me the words of life that I so desperately need. The power of life and death is in the tongue, but silence itself is a killer that makes a habit of visiting my life. No one speaks those words to me that can bring me out of this inescapable funk so deeper I sink. The senses of the world are off, and unless it can rebound from it's insensitivity then many will perish, not able to provide the attention so greatly needed. No one hears me, no one sees me, no one feels my pain. To the world I am not even noticeable....... the question must be asked....Do I Even Exist?

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