July 31, 2009
By Marlon Wade SILVER, Dolton, Illinois
Marlon Wade SILVER, Dolton, Illinois
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Every day that passes, every time a breath leaves my body, every sunset brings me closer to a different version of me. Whether realized or not, this metamorphosis has shaped and carved me into what is both visible on the outside and hidden within. "Survival of the fittest" "Only the strong survive" How can I live up to these principles if remain the same and walk through life struggling to make it? I can't. Change is needed. It may not be obvious, but slowly I build my cocoon and seal myself away from the outside world, enclosing all I am in a web. On the outside I look the same. The same smiles and attitudes and reactions are there, but deep within, unnoticed by anyone, small changes are being made...upgrades, updates, new innovations that are taking me from child to adult faster than any can see. And before anyone knows it, what they saw on the outside is no longer there. Instead, I break free from my personal prison and arise stronger, more mature, and sturdier than ever before. Sure, the weaknesses are there, evolution doesn't produce perfection, but now I can adapt to every situation and will survive. My surroundings have forced me to adapt. The old model, who I used to be is obsolete and now I am the best I or anyone else has ever seen....Seems to me though that those around me remain unchanged...refusing to evolve, to "grow up" and take advantage of all that evolution has to offer. So, now, as a result, they won't and can't understand me. Like trying to teach a 1st grader Calculus, they haven't experienced enough to perform at my level. But yet, I'm not done. I'll continue to grow, to adapt, to perform beyond even myself. I can only hope that those around me catch up, or I, being the fittest, will be the only to survive.

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