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July 31, 2009
By Naomi Shoshani BRONZE, Chicago, Illinois
Naomi Shoshani BRONZE, Chicago, Illinois
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Have you ever taken a step outside, beyond the warmth of home?
Have you taken that trip you always wanted: to Italy, Africa, Rome?
Have you ever smelled fresh rain? Or danced to the drum of the drops?
Or sat outside thinking to yourself, until the downpour stops?

Have you ever woken at dawn, just to watch the sun rise?
Have you taken the step to do something nice for the person you most despise?
Have you ever had a difficult and stressful day, but fixed it with a nice hot shower?
Have you planted a garden, or maybe a tree, or picked some wild flowers?

Have you ever felt bad when you faked a smile? Or when you told a lie?
Have you spent time, money, and energy, to get that "built it myself" pride?
Have you ever found the weirdest thing, but to you it's a sparkling gem?
Have you set yourself some goals in life, and strived your hardest to reach them?

Have you ever made a mistake, and been strong enough to admit so?
Have you ever taken one for the team? Or learned how to let things go?
Have you pushed the boundary to it's limit? Or been so angry you wanted to shout?
Or taken the time to see a situation fairly. Have you given the benefit of the doubt?

Have you ever looked at a person, and wondered about their thoughts?
Have you learned another language? Or how to tie different knots?
Have you ever found something nice in a place you wouldn't expect?
Have you met someone you really admire? Or someone you greatly respect?

Have you ever cried when you're sad? Or laughed at something funny?
Have you drunk your coffee black? Or taken your tea with honey?
Have you laid on the grass, finding shapes in the clouds, or patterns in the stars?
Have you dared to ask yourself questions? Or wondered who you are?

Have you stuck to your convictions? Or gone the extra mile?
Have you ever made a new friend? Or given a stranger a smile?
If these things you've never done in any sort of way. . .
Possibly, set aside some time to fit one into your day.

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