July 30, 2009
By johnnygameboy BRONZE, Ottawa, Other
johnnygameboy BRONZE, Ottawa, Other
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Marvelous may woke up every day only to be displeased
she’d go through the motions of her daily commotions
then return home to wallow at three.

She flicked through the pictures that passed on the screen
but saw next to nothing but blandness it seemed.
She had lost general interest, senses dulled of routine
unable to recall what she’s done, where she’s been.

May clicked off the box and the flat plastic lid
as she stumbled down stairs to her room
where the walls didn’t talk to her but whispered instead
her window thickly covered in gloom.

She sat there in bed with not a thought in her head
as the silence lulled her to a blank
To a time of long hours and, careless adventures
into her pillow she sank

Deeper and deeper the sky was now hollow and May began to dream,
of unusual creatures she was keen to be greeting while her eyes quickly widened and gleamed.
she withdrew her mind from the idea of a dream and now was completely immersed
in these beings that she was really now meeting
this encounter was one of the first

Moon after moon May woke up to a tune of the chaos entwined in her ears
she had longed for this feeling of freedom and joy
she had waited for so many years

As night would fall down she would slip under covers
and pray to lose sanity
Marvellous May now sleeps everyday
living in nightmares of merry.

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