July 30, 2009
By Trina A. BRONZE, Guelph, Maine
Trina A. BRONZE, Guelph, Maine
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My breathe grows shallow at the mention of your name.
I cannot live like this,
for I will surely fade into an obscured hell,
haunted by thoughts of you.

So invisible, I feel. Helpless, unloved.
Is there no one to help me?
This sickness has consumed me, every cell and pore oozes of your essence.
I feel drowned, my feet caught beneath the weed of the sea,
bringing me closer to their underwater chambers.

I long to break free,
to fly above the mountainous clouds,
free falling into my own soul,
but alas,
I can breathe neither there, nor in my underwater prison.

Am I doomed to forever walk this earth as a shadow?
Longing to hold you,
longing to kiss you,
longing to breathe you in, but never.
Pining my whole life for an empty dream,
a creature of my imagination stuffed into your body.
For you.

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