July 29, 2009
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When I was little I drew rainbows,
I used every color that I had
Some were big and some were small,
Some were good and some were bad
I never cared about the colors
Just as long as they made me smile,
I'd use all the colors in my crayon box,
Even though it took a while
I used to hate the plain white paper,
My rainbows cut through it like a knife
I never wanted to be boring,
Or have a melancholy life
As I grew older the rainbows grew fewer,
'Till the white was all I saw
The only things that cut through it,
Were the faded lines without a flaw
Well as I was biking home,
As I do every day all week
I saw a knife cut through the sky,
A colorful vibrant streak
When I got home I understood,
What God had been trying to say
Be your own person and brighten people's day
I want to be the rainbow,
that cuts through people's sky
I want to be the person,
That brings joy to people's lives

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