Feelin the stupid

July 29, 2009
By xxbakerbabyxx DIAMOND, Coatesville, Pennsylvania
xxbakerbabyxx DIAMOND, Coatesville, Pennsylvania
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"life will only controll youh if youh let it"

stressed...for nothin

ballin...with an actuall no reason

injuring...when i was wrong all along

feelin the stupid

are you ready 4 this...

not even friends...what a mistake, feelin the stupid with no body but myself to blame. i cired, i stressed, i marked my body once more. the only difference is i was wrong about him wanting nothing to do with me anymore. he spacifically said "i dont care". never heard him say it beforore, those three words were never there. i should have asked, i should have checked it out. now i have another scar on my body screaming worthless no doubt. when those words came out you can bet i felt worse than you did, but now knowing that everythings better than i thought, all im feelin is the stupid. laughing to myslef as we speak i cant help but think "wow" i cant believe i didnt have the heart and courage to figure all this mess out. its amazing what this guy does and screw cupid, he got my heart in a buddle but did i already let you know how much im really feelin the stupid

The author's comments:
okayy ppl the poem (not even friends?) was a mistake but still a masterpiece for the time when that day comes. i got it all wrong and i deffinatly felt the stupid we are all good and i feel so much better about everything i was gonna give up dont be like me but comment more please

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