No More

July 29, 2009
By Anonymous

The mind is a battlefield.
Sometimes, it is where the most gruesome fights take place.
Mentality snatches away all your dreams,
Until they exist no more, more, more.

One day,
When the battle has gone your way—
You wake up and you are beautiful.
Twirling around in your brand new dress,
Joy and confidence sweeps through.
And with each compliment,
Gaining more, more, more.

But the battle has not yet been won.
Soon your mind brings out its most secret weapon.
For the next twenty-four hours it lures you in with cravings;
Waving temptation in your face,
Waiting for you to crack once more, more, more.

You follow your enemy,
Right into their headquarters.
And before you can stop yourself,
You eat more, more, more.

The fight was lost and you had failed.
The next day you wake up and stare in the mirror.
What you see destroys all your confidence and joy,

'Caus you're beautiful no more, more, more.

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