Just One Girl

July 29, 2009
To you I'm just one girl.
A summer blossom withered and gray.
A bluebird with no more song.

I know now, nothing could have made you stay.
But that doesn’t help the pain

I saw you just the other day
You were so happy, so free…

The harder I try to get you off my mind, the more present you seem to be

My skies are filled with sorrow,
My heart is filled with hate.

I sit alone, my thoughts so lost
I reminisce your smile…your touch…

Damn you! Why can't I move on?
Your shadow haunts me day and night.
Your voice whispers in my ear.

I was never suppose to love you.
You're not worth one single tear.
Though many I have shed.

Still I sit here holding on to something that is so far gone.
Still, I long for you.

To me you're everything.
The stars, the moon, the sun…

And to you…I'm just one girl.

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