July 29, 2009
By MadisonMarie0017 SILVER, Batavia, Ohio
MadisonMarie0017 SILVER, Batavia, Ohio
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Will I live alone forever?
Or just for now?
I sit back and dream of those lucky ones,
The ones who love now, who are loved
And who will love and be loved forever.
Those who take it for granted,
Or those who are confused.
Letting lust play the role of love.
I have never been in love
Though calling it love I am confused.
Or was confused,
Putting myself in categories name
I am okay with that,
The words and I are settled
With out argument.
I have done the act of love,
Gone through the motions
With mistakes, With joy
With erratic pleasure and displeasure
I dream, I dream of my love
What is it like? Will I be different?
Will I become forever kind?
Or passionate? Will I hide my love?
Will it ever come to me, Or will I call upon it?
Do we the people create the love we share?
Or is it really the undeniable attraction between two beings?
Is it physical? Will it be?
Will I know immediately?
Or will I realize it late in the day?
Will he be a man? Or boy?
Will it be in my youth?
All these things I do not know
And in that I ponder, Will I be forced to learn to love
If it doesn’t come naturally to me?
If so, who do I chose?
Do I chose a tall man,
Like the man in my dreams?
With the makings of a fiery passionate relationship?
Or do I chose the poet,
with the intellect of passion
with a voice the birds sing to?
Do I fold?
Fall for the man who sees passion in me?
Fall for the security?
Faltering in learning to love? Is that my plea?
Finding someone with decency,
Someone with a love for me
that I could somehow learn to return in time?
Do I want that?
I want what every man woman and child wants,
Their dreams.
The man in my dreams is unique,
A heroine, a poet, a man of passion and creativity,
A creator of excitement.
The spark to ignite the love
that is for now dormant in my heart.
A man who can physically and emotionally please me.
In my eyes I can see him.
The tall man of whom is only featured
in my dreams and stories.
Dark lustrous eyes, limbs lined with strength and power.
A kind face, red full lips and dark thick locks to match.
A man, not a boy.
Mature, giving, intelligent, my poet,
Confident in his verses.
Someone who falls naturally over me, excites me, dazzles me with whit.
With strength and will to protect me,
A man I would protect in return.
The man in my dreams,
A man of mystery yet I know him so well.
Would I be crazy for loving him?
I don’t think so. I find myself blessed for creating him.
Knowing I won’t settle for less, does that leave me worse off?
Will I forever be looking for the person
who lingers only in my dreams?
Will I falter for someone close in comparison?
Will I find a man even in close comparison?

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