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By Unknown, Unknown, Unknown

A loud cheer echoes through the crowded stadium from the teenagespectators,
As the scoreboard now reads 27-17.
Her picture-perfect friendswith their long, blond hair
And 5'8", size 3 figures stand up andcheer.
She half-heartedly raises herself to her feet, up high on the packedbleachers,
And rests her elbows against the cold steel railing behindher.
She tosses her goldish-brown hair over her shoulders,
And with a boredexpression on her face lets her deep green eyes scan the wild
It's mixed with Structure shirts and Gap khakis,
Tight little tubetops and Capri pants ...
Whose arms are linked.
Cheerleaders waving theirpathetic little pompoms below her,
And the football players in perfectbutt-watching spandex pants,
Disinterest her.
She's been there, dealt withthose people,
Dated those guys, whose hair has to be perfect,
And are onlyafter one thing ...
But now she searches this world,
For only one place...
To be in love.

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