July 29, 2009
By MadisonMarie0017 SILVER, Batavia, Ohio
MadisonMarie0017 SILVER, Batavia, Ohio
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I close my eyes and I can feel the tears swell a bit,
I suck in a deep breath and reflect.
I am not a confident girl,
For I desire what I cannot have…
Like every other teen my age
I have problems with expression..
I do not know all of the words
I can not shape the right context
I have trouble with my emotions..
But when I write
All of my insecurities blur,
My evasions exposed,
My worries seem so trivial
Yet I can sort them in seconds
When left with a pad and a pen.

I can put my mind in a whole new place
Set my emotions off
Anger, sadness, worry, all of it..
I can write a thousand words..
Words that sound like they are from different worlds
Words that can touch hearts
And words that can put you on the edge..
My favorite subject.

The words I use save my life
My sanity my soul,
They build a comfort place in me
That no person can,
They are my safety and my light at the end of the tunnel.
My words,
I can use them as ammunition
As protection,
I can create hope, love,
fortitude in myself..
The words give me my reason..
My reason for life, for emotion,
My reason for my trust in myself and others,
The words create the gratitude in my soul to push on,
Gratitude for surviving through the hardest days..

Reading famous lyrics, poetry, and classic novels
I have learned that writing is not only my love,
It is my own personal therapy…
My personal romance and best friend.
My words never fail me when I face them full on.
I do not have to fear them,
For they will never judge me,
I can freely trust my heart with them
And they will never let me fall.

My words and I are one
with the paper I confide in.
I let the ink, the words,
and the emotion spill.
My heart flying with the fleeting power
running through my veins,
I can feel the ease with every line.

My very own security and release.
I do not need to fight,
I do not need to scream,
For writing cures all animosity in my heart.
No need for evasions
for words do not care what you have to hide..
They were created for expression,
Almost just for me,
The words my own personal therapy.

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