Mind in Transit

July 29, 2009
And in haste
Mind in transit
Tracing the trails of lost passions
I quest in memory of reason.
Why in mater of factual terms
Why in the truth of truths
And in the most earnest of thoughts
Have I lived life so callously
Numb to my own sirens and calls
Avoiding danger
Avoiding needs
Playing and dancing around the joy
That danger sends to the soul
The freedom of being free.
Though, always own’d
I beckon the reoccurring past
to play havoc on my nerves
Remind me why I live this day
vicariously through words
With no action in my cognate thoughts.
Send the lively drug my way
And send the adrenaline
Course it thought my dry and solemn veins.
Empty, hollow, shallow, and withering
Revive me.

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